Welcome to my shop, glad you are here!

HEIN was founded in 2015 by me - Claudia Heinisch, Hi! - as a slow fashion brand

for sustainable clothing and accessories in Berlin and initially only operated as a

sideline, then after a break of almost three years I "relaunched" in 2020...

During my fashion design studies, inspired by youthful shopping and styling desires,

it quickly became clear what a dirty business the fashion industry is and that the

excitingly cheap prices are only possible through the exploitation of people and

the environment...

"fast fashion isn't cheap, someone else is paying the price".

It became clear very quickly that I had to distance myself as much as possible from these methods,

as a consumer and especially as a producer.

So what does slow fashion mean? 

Very simply put: slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion.


                                         "Good things come to those who wait."

Slow fashion stands for deceleration, appreciation and quality. I use only certified, ecologically produced fabrics made from organic natural fibres and avoid synthetics - not even for the labels - for less microplastics from my clothes. To save resources and protect the environment, the collection does not change completely every season but is largely permanent, although products are added, varied or improved. My designs come in different fabrics and colors, so you can just reorder your favorite pieces, knowing the fabrics and how the clothes feel and fit!

All products are designed, sewn and individually screenprinted by yours truly in my Berlin studio. All combinations of style/pattern/color are possible, so if you fancy something you don't see in the store, let me know, I'm happy to hear about your wishes!

...And because it's most sustainable to only produce what somebody actually wants, I make to order, so please allow up to 10 business days production time before your order is shipped.

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