What is special about the HEIN sizing system?  


To choose the perfect fit of your garment and avoid unnecessary returns - for the sake of the environment - i have developed my own sizing system, which works with actual measurements rather than unclear categories like SMALL - MEDIUM - LARGE, because you need a table of measurements to determine your right size anyway, so i decided to skip all that.


These are the measurements that are important for fit and where to take them:


- for men: chest circumference, measured at the widest part      of your chest

- for women: underbust circumference, measured under the      bust!

- waist circumference: measured at the narrowest part of the    waist.

- hip circumference: measured along the hip bones  


And because a certain width does not automatically mean a certain height, you get to tell me your height so i can adjust the length of your garments for you.

mess grafik unisex.jpg

women: underbust circumference

waist circumference

hip circumference

men: chest circumference